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Steps to have your training programme verified.

Contact DFIST - request and complete the initial approval questionnaire.

Following approval forward your membership payment.

Receive your website kite mark along with your membership number and award centre certification.

DFIST was created to verify and promote training programmes which are aimed at adults working with young people and children.

DFIST is an independent organisation which verifies training programmes that are aimed at supporting young people and children. The DFIST panel has over 100 years combined experience of working with young people and children. Members of the DFIST panel have created over 40 training programmes that are currently in use around the country. Each training programme that we accept for consideration is expected to display that it is aimed at risk reduction with regards to violent and aggressive behaviour.

Latest news & views

29th November 2017

Most school support staff have been assaulted by pupils

One in five is attacked at least once a week, survey for the GMB union reveals, as police report 50% rise in incidents.
31st October 2017

Angry mum pulls child from school after ‘jail cell’ punishment that left daughter in tears

An outraged mum has taken the bold decision to pull her daughter out of school after a harsh punishment.
28th July 2017

Teaching assistants bear brunt of classroom violence, union says.

A lack of resources means schools are unable to address behavioural issues.

DFIST - Reducing the risk associated with incidents of challenging, aggressive and violent behaviour.

John Burns - MD